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Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) engineers have been actively involved in the market for construction and maintenance of track & field facilities. Recently, SPE designed and project managed the construction of synthetic running tracks for top athletes Kenenisa Bekele in Ethiopia and Lornah Kiplagat in Kenya. At both of these projects SPE provided its "one stop shop" approach and took care of the project from initial soil and site survey to the construction and maintenance of the track.

SPE's expertise does not end at the choice of the type of surfacing of the athletic track (spray coat, sandwich or full pour) or with its advice to contract a specific surfacing supplier. The substructure construction for the track is equally important to the quality of the running track in both the short and the long term. SPE builds a thorough knowledge of the local conditions and further builds on that knowledge to customize the design of the construction. The choice of a top layer, the type of installation method (in situ or prefabricated system) and the supplier of the top layer are always determined in consultation with the customer.

SPE can offer to construct projects on turnkey basis as well as in the role of management consultant. In the latter case, SPE prefers to provide the design and project management of the total project.
SPE is not affiliated with any athletic track surfacing supplier or contractor and can therefore guarantee to look after our customers' best interests.

Types of running tracks

Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) offers its advisory and project management service to establish the best type of surface for the client's needs. Basically we can offer the standard type of surfaces:
* Spray coat tracks
* Sandwich system tracks
* Full Pour system tracks
All running tracks will be constructed according the IAAF regulations and if required by the client an IAAF certificate will be achieved.

"Spray-coat" tracks
A spray coat running track is a porous system. The construction consists of a polyurethane layer with bound black rubber granules. A thin wearing course layer is sprayed. These types of surfaces are installed on an asphalt base. This system has a favourable price / quality ratio. A fine solution for organisations who are looking for a good but relatively inexpensive running track.

"Sandwich system" tracks
A sandwich system running track is a non-permeable system. The construction consists of a 10mm polyurethane layer with bound black rubber granules. A 3mm thick wearing course is applied and filled in with EPDM rubber granules. The sandwich construction must be placed on a porous asphalt base. This system is relatively soft and provides perfect energy restitution characteristics for athletic training and long distance running.

"Full-pour system" tracks
In this option the finished top layer of the system consists of the 3mm PU layer dressed with EPDM granules, augmented by a shock absorbent base comprising high-quality solid PU material. This produces a system that meets the highest standards of athletic track constructions. The system guarantees a longer life span and low maintenance costs. The Full Pour system is regarded as the most durable variant; however it is less suitable for long-term training or long distance runners.


Maintaining your running track correctly is very important to the life span of the top layer. Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) is able to supply a detailed maintenance plan, maintenance team training and advice on the purchase and use of maintenance equipment. SPE can also, act as a management consultant to prepare tenders for maintenance contracts with specialist companies and supervise the implementation.

Athletic Track Quick Scan (AT-QS) is a visual inspection of your track, provided by the SPE specialists. Based on their findings and test results you will gain an invaluable insight into the state of your track. We can then offer you specific advice on the maintenance or renovation measures which need to be taken. The AT-QS can also serve as the basis for the preparation of long-term maintenance and reconstruction budgets.

Movie Kenenisa Bekele Sports Centre

Temporary running track

In addition to our standard track and field construction services, in cooperation with leading Associations, Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) has designed a "transportable" running track. This full IAAF certified 8 lanes 400 meter track is pre-fabricated on steel trusses fitted in sections of approximately 2 meter wide.

If you are interested in our transportable track system then please contact us for a personal consultation.

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Kenenisa Bekele Sports Centre

Technical design and projectmanagement of 8 lane sandwich track for the Kenenisa Bekele Sports & Recreational Centre in Sululta, Ethiopia.

Lornah Kiplagat Sports Academy

Design and projectmanagement of a 6 lane sandwich track with steeple chase lane, footbal and rugby field and facility for jumping


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