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Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) provides specialist operations to the golf course market. Due to the increased amount of green and tee renovations, the demand for tailor-made solutions to reduce playing disturbance as much as possible is growing. SPE provides solutions to make courses instantly playable after a renovation. The remodelling of greens and tee's is a necessity to keep the course up to date and exciting for players. After a renovation outside the season it usually takes a few months before the grass has established to such an extent it can be put back in play. SPE offers it's renowned re-turfing techniques to install specific golf course pre-grown turf. This will only require days before the area can be put back in play.

In addition, SPE sees an opportunity for applying XtraGrass on the most heavily used parts of the course where damage to the grass surface causes a problem every year. Reinforcement is likely to be used on tee's and fore greens as well as on intensively used path-ways.
SPE has within its ranks a number of specialists who have extensive experience with the construction of golf courses and a good understanding of the requirements of a golf course architect. We are able to translate the golf technical design into a working design and construct accordingly, without losing the flexibility to make changes if instructed by the architect.

XtraGrass for Golf

XtraGrass is a fibre-reinforced natural grass system which is suited for use on intensively played and / or often worn natural grass areas. This includes tee's and fore greens but also pathwyas that cannot be hard surfaced.

XtraGrass can be installed in situ on a typical USGA specification soil profile and filled in with a similar rootzone mixture. There are no restrictions for the grass seed used in XtraGrass. After grass establishment the area should be treated as a normal natural grass surface. In addition, it is possible to prepare XtraGrass on our turf farms and install it as a pre-grown turf making it almost instantly playable or accessible.

The biggest advantage of XtraGrass over a natural grass surface is that after the natural grass has worn out, the synthetic turf fibres provide added stability. Also, the area's aesthetic appearance is much improved. On the agronomic side, XtraGrass'synthetic turf fibres provide protection of the stolons and rhizomes of the grass plant resulting in a swift recovery after damage.

Synthetic turf Greens

Synthetic turf putting greens of Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) are indistinguishable from natural turf. SPE uses advanced Ten Cate fibres to create an excellent playing surface, of which the hardness can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements. SPE can also provide a challenging green design through our network of accredited golf course architects. A detailed technical design based on the golf design is provided before the work commences.
The construction profile of a synthetic turf green consists of a sandy or stone aggregate sub-base which is drained intensively through perforated drainage pipes. On the sub-base a dynamic stone base is placed in accordance with SPE's strict specifications.
A shock-absorbing elastic layer will be placed over the dynamic base to obtain the appropriate rate of energy restitution in the system. Finally, the SPE specialists install the synthetic turf surfacing for green and fringe. SPE provides a series of synthetic carpet systems to suit your specific requirements.


SPE installeerde onder meer een hybride grassysteem op backtee's van Golf Club Wittem en legde een kunstgras putting green met drainagesysteem aan op de Twentsche Golfclub.
Wij stimuleren de golfbaan markt om gebruik te maken van hybride grassystemen. De Zuidlimburgse Golf en Country Club Wittem ondergaat momenteel een meerjarige reconstructie en heeft als eerste baan in Nederland de stoute schoenen aangetrokken. De baan is gelegen in het prachtige heuvelachtige en beboste landschap van Limburg. Juist de locatie in het bos baart de club zorgen met betrekking tot de grasgroei- en ontwikkeling op hun tee's. In het algemeen zijn de tee boxen omringd door grote eiken en beuken welke voor aanzienlijke schaduw zorgen. Door het aanbrengen van het hybride grassysteem op de tee's zal de bespeelbaarheid en het aangezicht voor de langere termijn te waarborgen zijn.

Timelaps Twentsche Golfclub


Twentsche Golfclub | The Nederlands

Design and realization of new fibregrass putting green

Limburgse Golfclub Wittem | The Netherlands

Realization XtraGrass backtee


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