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Although Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) is often thought of as concentrating in re-turfing the fields in large stadiums, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, SPE engineers can claim in their personal portfolio to have resurfaced many fields of the great clubs in Europe and beyond; however our principle is that no customer is too small for us. After all, every field is about 8000 m² in size, whether it is in a stadium or a local community field. We pride ourselves in being able to provide creative solutions to fit every budget. For our engineers it is often more challenging meeting the needs of a local amateur field than it is when working in a brand new stadium environment.

SPE has three priorities in the market when it comes to football:
- Design and construction of XtraGrass fields; a hybrid grass system that combines natural grass and synthetic turf, through our partnership with Greenfields BV.
- Re-turfing or re-sodding of natural grass playing fields using the "big roll" technique developed by SPE.
- Advising on financing of projects as well as the technical guidance of projects.

The specialists of Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) rely on their long-term experience in managing and maintaining sports fields at every level. It should be noted that SPE is not the company that indiscriminately will simply aerate a pitch because this happens to be on the maintenance calendar or because this was contractually agreed. On the contrary, we check the status of each field before we define or start each individual maintenance regime. Weather patterns are never the same each year and soil situations call for customised techniques.
SPE can either execute the field maintenance through its trained groundsmen or provide maintenance advice and assistance to the customer's groundstaff to optimize their facility. Granted, it may be cheaper to outsource the maintenance to the lowest bidder. But by investing in the SPE model, customers can be certain that SPE will preserve the playability of your field and generate a reduction of the cost of renovations in the longer term.

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Design and installation of
XtraGrass fields

XtraGrass fields are the answer if you require an increased playing capacity up to 1000 hours. Especially if you prefer to keep playing on a natural grass surface and do no wish to pay extra for an expensive synthetic turf system that will require replacement after a maximum of 10 years. XtraGrass guarantees a playing capacity up to 1000 hours, in full accordance with the relevant requirements defined by KIWA Isa Sport test institute, while still playing on natural grass and not on rubber granules. It seems too good to be true but we base techniques on sound science and the long-term development and experience of XtraGrass installations since 2001. XtraGrass fields have proved their value in the Netherlands, England, France, Denmark and Central Asia.
Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) is the first to achieve recognition of their XtraGrass system and is certificated on the Sports Surfacing List by KIWA Isa Sport. SPE has mandated external test institutes to verify all its future installations in accordance with the applicable standards. Your extra guarantee for success !
Based on our experience, we calculate the cost of an XtraGrass field to be around 60% of that of a synthetic turf field. Before an installation program is defined and offer is submitted, SPE checks the local growing conditions through an analysis of the soil. This process is free of charge, as we wish to convince our customers of our added value and win projects based on technology and methodology rather than on price.

Installation and maintenance
The quality of the installation and maintenance is extremely important for the lifespan and the playability of the XtraGrass field. Therefore, SPE only works with speciliased installation teams which have thorough experience in the natural grass construction industry and use only the most appropriate equipment.

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Metallurg Stadion | Uzbekistan

Design and installations of XtraGrass stadium field

The Valley Stadium | London

Reconstruction stadium field with fibresand.

VV Papendrecht

Drainage and reconstruction training field with XtraGrass


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