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Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) is a specialist in the design and project management of sports fields. SPE operates in the global market serving clients ranging from athletes to contractors, sports associations to governments and research institutes. In addition to using know-how and experience, SPE is particularly known for its flexibility and quick response time. The SPE team is able to perform under high pressure and has been involved in the design and construction of fields for major events such as Champions League finals and European, African and World Championships. Flexibility and perseverance are key qualifications for our people.

Rob de Heer is CEO and founder of SPE. Rob has gained knowledge and significant experience all over the world as a trained Land and Water Management Engineer who specialised in sports field construction technology. Operating in the natural grass industry spanning many years, Rob has developed a reputation for delivering quality and quick solutions. In addition, Rob is always closely involved in the construction and management of many projects ranging from local sports fields up to the highest professional level.

One Stop Solutions

SPE offers clients a "one stop shop" by giving support from the initial idea to the hand-over according to our detailed step-by-step plan. In addition to the design and contruction of outdoor sports facilities, SPE is often hired for its technical expertise as a trouble-shooter to resolve problems, for training of technical specialists as well as for specialist techniques.

The best sports field contains of three ingredients: acurate analyzed soil conditions, an adjusted watermanagement and the best choise of turf system. SPE integrates these ingredients into a one stop solution, in which the wishes of the client meet the environmental circumstances.

SPE is a distributor and installer of hybrid turf systems, whereby natural grass is reinforced with synthetic turf fibers. These systems enable a significant increase in playing capacity whilst, in terms of experience, feel as though the play is on natural grass.

Design and projectmanagement

Each design is custom-made and is adapted to the requirements and design brief given by the customer. Furthermore, our designs will meet the guidelines or regulations stipulated by local governmental organizations or relevant Sports Associations. SPE designs are based on science and individually adapted to the local conditions using SPE's significant experience in utilizing local construction materials anywhere in the world.

To fully support our customers and prepare a solid design, SPE engineers are often employed to project manage or supervise the construction. Both for SPE designs or external designs SPE can act as project manager. Recently, a number of substantial athletic running track constructions have been carried out on such basis to the full satisfaction of the customer.

25 years of experience

Specialist installation

SPE has, with its innovative character, developed a number of specialist techniques which are offered to the market under the banner of SPE-:
- Re-turfing (stadium) fields where a natural grass surface can be replaced within 24 hours after which the field will be immediately playable.
- Development and implementation of XtraGrass installations. SPE offers extensive knowledge to convert existing fields to a hybrid grass system within the restrictions of a low budget.
- Installation of -pitch cover systems for events, other than for sports, to protect the playing field. SPE offers a full package to prepare the field prior to the event and regeneration of the grass after the event.
- Development of mobile sports surfaces for football and athletics.

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Maintenance | advice | training

SPE has within its ranks and network many reputable specialists who are able to transfer their knowledge and expertise through seminars, courses and internships. It is our aim to help professionalise groundmanship worldwide. For example SPE has been commissioned by FIFA to train National Stadium groundstaff in Africa and Asia in order to raise the quality of the playing surfaces and hence to improve the game.

Trouble Shooting
No bridge is too far for SPE when it comes to troubleshooting and pro actively thinking with the customer to overcome potential problems. Creating solutions to uncommon problems is not an issue for SPE. SPE engineers operate globally and often have to find creative and unusual solutions in their work. These solutions are always based on sound science and technology and implementing such solutions has become second nature for the SPE staff.

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Key elements in Sports Pitch Engineering’s (SPE) strategy is to constantly improve our service by investing in research and development. SPE has close ties with renowned research institutes such as STRI in the United Kingdom, University of Tennessee in the United States and ECN in the Netherlands. In addition, the SPE engineers guarantee the development of specialist equipment to meet even the most unusual project challenge.It is no coincidence that SPE engineers have been pioneers in:
- Research to Plant Assimilation Light systems for stadiums.
- Research and implementation of "light weight"soil profiles as used in the transportable field constructions in Gelredome stadium and Arena Auf Schalke.
- Development of big roll re-turfing techniques and development of associated turf installation equipment.
- Development of under soil heating systems and optimisation computer modeling for reduced energy consumption. Adaptation of existing heating systems to Geothermal heating sources.
- Design of specific automatic irrigation systems for stadium situations.
- Development of hybrid grass systems for extended capacity of athletic fields.
- Development of a demountable IAAF certified running track construction.

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Football pitch


Track & Field


Charlton Athletic FC

Design and installation of 14 football pitches: 4 fields artificial turf and 10 fields natural grass.

Lornah Kiplagat Sports Academy | Kenia

Design and installation Track & Field.

South Limburg Golfcourse Wittem

Installation XtraGrass backtee.


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